Mine, Ether Command - The Land of Roses - Tape (1989)

Ultra rare tape of EA80 sideproject "Mine, Ether Command"

"Mine, Ether Command" is Pre-"My Eden Dies"...so it's Pre-"Serene Fall". This "EA80" Sideproject sounds a bit like "Joy Division" and "EA80" gutarist Mauls vocals remind a bit of "The sisters of mercy".Don't miss it!

Extrem rares EA80 Nebenprojekt "Mine, Ether Command"

"Mine, Ether Command" ost Pre-"My Eden Dies"...also Pre-"Serene Fall". Dieses "EA80" Nebenprojekt erinnert ein wenig an "Joy Division" und "EA80" Gitarrist Mauls Gesang klingt ein wenig wie "The sisters of Mercy". Nicht verpassen!


1. This picture
2. I won't
3. A Bird
4. We try hard
5. Unicorns in strange times
6. The Lost
7. Call me mountain
8. Room 903
9. Always
10. Jimmy Warsong
11. Just Ice
12. Eric is old
13. Always again
14. The other side
15. Smiling shadow
16. The second lovesong
17. We Hate
18. The Land of roses

Format: mp3 @ 192 kbit/s

.rar file with complete cover and lyrics sheet
.rar datei mit komplettem cover und Textblatt
Special thanks to Dr.Murkes, Wilddevilman and tvuzk for making this possible

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