Video: Kommando Delta Kopinski von MUSIKZIMMER - MySpace Video

 A video casette ontaining this funny video message in terrorist style was sent to Joachim Hiller, journalist at the OX-Fanzine in 1989.
The message says something like" This is Commando Delta Kopinski with a message to the media fuckers. Listen! We the, Commando Delta Kopinski, got a single under our thumb. The single will be relased, if you and your readers pay 6 Deutschmarks (former german currency) to us, the Commando Delta Kopinski. End of Announcement!" and was a ment as funny way to announce "Delta Kopinskis"  single release called "Kerlenkette" wich can be found HERE.

Eine Videokassette mit dieser Nachricht ging 1989 an Joachim Hiller vom OX-Fanzine und war die spassige Ankuendigung des Singlerelase der "Kerlenkette" Single voon "Delta Kopinski" die man HIER finden kann.

Original Video Here / Hier!

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