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Since americanese isn't my first language, i beg your pardon for mistakes.

This Blog is all about the german punkband EA80 from Moenchengladbach and their sideprojects. This Blog tries to give an overviev about the bands artistic work and to offer material, that's out of sales and just sold for horrifying prices at ebay, or even lost.

Some of the audiofiles came uncut as cassettes or have been pressed as one track on vinyl editions by accident. Those have been cut into seperate songs, to optimize the handling and for maximum pleasure.
Songs pressed backwards on the records have been reverted, and added as another track to the download, so you can listen to both versions.

To give a complete overview about the artistic work of EA80, every download contains extensive infotext, lyrics and images like covers, recorlabels, papersheets with lyrics of all pressings, if availlable. 
To view them, you'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader or any other PDF viewer.

Since there's some letters in the german alphabet, that won't show up on foreign PC's, Mac's or Whatevers, i replaced them, to make it easier for you, to read the Blog and the PDF documents, and to understand the stuff you'll find here.

If i forgot it, i beg your pardon. I'm not perfect.

Also (almost) every text in americanese is written in this nice color 
(I'm sure i forgot it in one of the PDFs release infos...sorry), so it will be easy for you, to read what's important.

In case of mistakes in any mentioned above, I don't claim to be perfect...just human!

Broken links? Suggestions? Got stuff thats not posted here? Use the shoutbox, leave your 2 cents!

Feel free to set links to this blog! 

Also a big THANK YOU to all the "maniacs," sharing their knowledge and stuff, to keep the music alive!

Thanks and enjoy the blog!


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